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About us

The gazelli story

The Gazelli journey began more than 40 years ago in Azerbaijan when Founder Dr Zarifa Hamzayeva commenced her career in Advanced Gene Science, Diagnostics and Preventative Medicine. Following many years developing techniques and treatment programmes to identify and treat the early symptoms of chronic illnesses, Dr Hamzayeva pioneered the first cosmetics manufacturing facility in the country. She approached the science of product formulation with the mind and ethos of a doctor and genetician, with particular focus on diagnosis.

In 1999 Dr Hamzayeva launched the 2,000 square metre Gazelli Evi (House) in Baku, Azerbaijan – a wellness centre dedicated to diagnostics and providing a scientific and medical approach to the skin, body and mind. The extensive offering included treatments using Dr Hamzayeva’s breakthrough ingredient, the Gazelli White Oil™ - a patented skin-regenerating ingredient available exclusively with Gazelli.

Later, Jamila Askarova joined Gazellli with a vision to further expand on her mother’s existing approach to wellbeing - to create a fully integrated lifestyle model that combined the science, the diagnostics, unique product formulations, and the awareness of the mind and emotional state.

Creating the premium skincare range, Gazelli Triple Youth, Jamila and Dr Hamzayeva used the strength of the Gazelli White Oil™ formulations as the launch pad on to the European market. The brand debuted in Harrods in 2011 and with a steadily growing presence in various locations across London, Jamila used large-scale innovative campaigns and small memorable moments to gradually unveil the full ethos of the brand, culminating in the launch of the first European Gazelli House in late 2015.

In the Gazelli House London the collaborative vision of mother and daughter comes alive in a dynamic and ever-evolving space that addresses life from every angle. A timeless concept with a vision to connect people, encourage conversation and help people achieve a real and lasting sense of balance and contentment.

Today Gazelli is focused on building partnerships around the world and sharing the House concept from Baku, across London, and beyond. Each new location brings new ideas, new inspiration and new opportunities, and always sparks the childlike curiosity in each of us that is the beating heart of the Gazelli world.

Gazelli Art House

Dr Hamzayeva's second daughter, Mila Askarova, took inspiration from her mother's interest in nurturing and developing her own rich inner world through cultural initiatives and the arts. The result of this was the creation of Gazelli Art House.

Gazelli Art House is a commercial art organisation, dedicated to providing a stylish setting for the appreciation of contemporary art in London’s Mayfair and showcasing the finest international artists to diverse audiences. Mila re-opened the Baku gallery in 2012, reflecting the same artistic vision of the London branch, to showcase the works of unique international artists and facilitating a deeper understanding and engagement with contemporary arts.

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