This week, guest writer and Gazelli House visiting practitioner Elizabeth Rose shares her 5 rules of wisdom. Apply these guidelines to your life to make sure you're living life to the fullest. 

1. Lighten Up - There's no need to worry so much, even if you don’t like a situation. Accept it for what it is and move forward with positive action.

2. Live Real - Close the gap between your public and private faces. Be true to who you are and enjoy it. 

3. Drop Guilt - Whatever has happened is done already and can’t be changed. Stop trying to tuen back the clock and see it as a lesson learnt. 

4. No Regrets – Always give eveything your best and silence the "what if's". 

5. Speak Up – People aren’t mind-readers. Calmly assert your prescnce and don't be afraid to share your opinion. 

Private sessions with Elizabeth Rose at Gazelli House start from £120 for an hour. To find out more and book, please email or call 0207 581 4355