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Understated confidence through considered design

Our full service in-house design team bring together a rich synergy of research, creativity and precision, combining the team’s many years of experience in branding for luxury clients with a collaborative approach to creativity. From the initial conception of an idea to the execution of the finished product, each project is meticulously considered and completed to the highest standard of elegance.

Our design team is committed to executing a clear, confident, uncomplicated visual brand message with a commitment to expressing a strong narrative that transports the consumer into the world of Gazelli.

From exquisite brand collateral to luxurious product packaging, complete retail customer experiences to unique & engaging digital journeys, we employ a thorough and crucial process of research, idea sharing, mood-boarding, analyzing, proto-typing, testing, supply sourcing and expert execution, making the Gazelli brand as consistent as it is captivating.

As well as fulfilling all of Gazelli International’s global design needs, Gazelli Design are excited to work on projects for external clients, applying our proven methods to execute stunning campaigns & projects for satisfied clients.

Our unwavering desire to strive for perfection makes Gazelli Design an innovative and leading branch to the brand, and one that will continue to grow the aesthetics of our world and beyond.