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Meet the founders


Gazelli Group President, Gazelli Co-Founder, Head of Research and Development

Over 40 years ago, Dr. Zarifa Hamzayeva commenced her career in Advanced Gene Science, Diagnostics and Preventative Medicine. Pioneering techniques to identify and treat the early symptoms of chronic illnesses, she developed healing programmes that included vitamin and phyto‐therapy, bespoke diets, and lifestyle advice.

Dr Hamzayeva’s in-depth Diagnostic methods marked a shift in not only the approach to skincare and medicine, but also our cultural attitude towards beauty and wellbeing. Through her experiences as a genetic scientist, a doctor, and a mother she cultivated her firm belief that when a person is balanced, fulfilled and confident, they achieve a beautiful health and glow that cannot be attained through purely superficial means.

Dr Hamzayeva pioneered the first cosmetics manufacturing facility in Azerbaijan, is Head of her own Research and Development facility, and in 1999 founded the Gazelli House, Baku. From here, alongside her daughter Jamila Askarova, she lay the foundations for the evolution of the brand into the European market and her expertise and foresight inspired Gazelli as it is today.

Dr Hamzayeva lives in Baku with her husband of more than 30 years and still heads up all Gazelli Group activity as well as her R&D facility.


Gazelli Group Vice-President, Gazelli Co-Founder and Creative Director

After graduating with a degree in Business Strategy, Visual Communication and Marketing, Jamila joined the family business and set out to create and implement a global expansion strategy. Her focus was to expand on what her mother had built and take it overseas. She selected her mother’s powerful skincare formulations to make the first step in to the European market, successfully launching in 2011 in London’s most prestigious department store, Harrods.

Since then, Jamila found creative and innovative opportunities to gradually present the full, rich story and philosophy of Gazelli, leading its evolution in to an innovative lifestyle brand dedicated to emotional and physical wellbeing. “Honesty, care and encouraging conversation are what the concept of wellbeing means to us. We believe that wellbeing can only be achieved through finding an attainable and realistic road to your goal and supporting it with your full commitment and dedication.”

After only 4 years in the UK, Jamila launched the first European Gazelli House. This intimate and inviting space in the heart of London’s South Kensington is where her and her mother’s shared vision comes alive. Jamila’s creativity and instinct continues to drive the business forward and her plans continue to see its continued evolution and multinational expansion.

Jamila lives in London, travels extensively and balances her hard work with family life and caring for her son, with the hope that he will one day join the family business and continue in his grandmother’s footsteps, just as she did.