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Supporting Make Up Artists



Many admire a make-up artist’s commitment and power to transform a look. It is their understanding that makeup tells a story and should evoke a feeling, not just for those that view it but also for the person that wears it, that inspires us at Gazelli. For these reasons and many more, our relationships with make-up artists go beyond the foundations of skincare to share a unique vision of beauty that can empower people all over the world.

At Gazelli, we understand that every look created starts with the skin. Our aim is to share with experts in make-up the philosophy to approach a skincare regime with consistency, ensuring the correct application of products, monitoring the skin’s progress, and adapting to the skin’s needs at all times in order to compliment their beauty looks.

Working closely with some of the most supreme make-up artists, both in the UK and Internationally, we provide support backstage at fashion weeks and on editorial shoots with our Triple Youth range which creates a perfect canvas for a smooth, even and flawless make up application. Sharing our understanding of the skin in this way allows the make-up artist’s to prepare the skin so that the model’s natural complexion is enhanced and their desired look is achieved with perfection.




Lynsey Alexander
Makeup Artist supreme with a sharp eye for the sartorial

“As a make-up artist working in fashion I don't have the luxury of being in a spa so I apply the concept of Gazelli At Home and make it work within my backstage set up and behind the scenes in the studio. I need to see instant results from the products I use and trust that they are gentle enough for a mass of different skin types and problems. Repair and moisture are my biggest challenges and I find that with the right mix of Ultimate Filming Serum mixed with my foundations skin looks incredible very quickly.”


Florrie White
Make-up artist with a repertoire that expands across various quarters of the fashion word

“Every time I apply Gazelli Triple Youth Mask on my clients they all mention how light yet moisturising it feels. Personally I love how it preps and smoothes their skin to create a really glowing complexion.'


Liz Pugh
Makeup Artist with a charisma, enthusiasm and vivacious personality that makes her one of the most valued and recognized artistic talents in the industry today.

“One of my kit essentials is the Hydra-Radiance Face Mist. At the end of a shoot, I always dampen a sponge with the Mist and roll it over the skin to instantly boost moisture levels and enhance the skin with skin-brightening Vitamin C'


Kay Montano
Make-up artist and consultant re-inventing the conventional notions of beauty

"My Gazelli experience is always so much more than 'a facial'. The essential oils, massage techniques and approach as a whole not only leaves me with luminous, smooth skin, but a deep sense of relaxation and calm."


Emma White Turle
Make-up artist and consultant re-inventing the conventional notions of beauty

“With Gazelli, the difficulty of figuring out what kind of facial you need is taken away from you as their professional skincare facialists tell you which part of your face needs what and adjusts the treatments accordingly. I can’t recommend them highly enough. They are addictive.”


Lynsey Alexander
Make-up artist supreme with a sharp eye for the sartorial

“I love products that I can see instant results from. Quite often working backstage at London fashion week models turn up jet lagged from the New York Shows with dehydrated skin from the long flight. It's my job to make the skin the most radiant possible in a short space of time and choosing the correct products is viral in doing so. I generally prepare and wake up the skin with Hydra-Radiance Face Mist. If skin is very dry I will apply the Ultra Nourishing Saviour Mask as an intense moisturising treatment. Instead of removing it I will let it soak in and then apply a light layer of foundation into it creating the ultimate dewy finish.”