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“Knows that the miracle of thy beauty enraptures my soul, As though the beauty of this whole world is your own.”
• Lifts, tones and firms the skin

• Targets lines and wrinkles

• Triggers cell regeneration

• Protects skin from free radical damage

You can use the Serum on any localised area of the body for an intensely healing treatment.

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This award-winning Serum is formulated with the highest concentration of the breakthrough Gazelli White Oil™ to accelerate cell renewal and provide the ultimate everyday regenerative treatment. Addressing every sign of ageing the Ultimate Firming Serum supports the skin to recapture its youthful elasticity, health and radiance.


Directions of Use

  • Apply a few pearl size drops night and/or morning and smooth over face and neck.
  • Follow with your Repair Cream by Gazelli.
  • Avoid the eye area. All skin types.

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Customer Reviews

  • amazing
    Quality   |

    love this product! completely transforms your skin from the first use

  • AMAZING...I look 30 years younger
    Quality   |

    Please buy this fabulous product.

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